Discovery and Introduction Phase

When it comes to building your dream home, we want to keep communication open and clear. We begin our process with a simple discovery, discussing any ideas and plans you have for your dream home. We can manage your architectural design. Once we have a general idea, the next step is to investigate your home site and look into any community or city regulations to ensure our project will meet all requirements.


Pre-Construction Phase

Here at Gulledge Homes, we welcome your feedback and input throughout the design and construction process. Your participation gives us the opportunity to perfect every detail of your dream home. Now that you’re ready to take the first steps into building your forever home, pick up the phone and give us a call today, or submit an inquiry through our website and one of our friendly customer service representatives will assist you with any questions or scheduling needs you have. Thank you for choosing Gulledge Homes, and we look forward to working with you.


Custom Home Builder

Gulledge Homes is one of the most common types of requested custom home builders in our local area. A custom home construction provides the best budget-friendly, acting as a guest house or in-law suite. We offer you a variety of types of new home services and custom-designed blueprints that we can transfer to a 3D rendering without even coming to an agreement or starting construction. When you need a custom home here in Houston, Texas, we are your local team for trusted service. Our customers mean the world to us and this is why we will always work to tirelessly ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. Contact us today and let us share some of the best options that we have for your budget and your type of design. There are many benefits that a custom home can bring you as a homeowner in Houston, Texas. A backyard home addition could generate you side income or serve as safe, comfortable housing for a loved one or family friend. Before starting we will ensure all zoning laws and permits are in place and you are legally able to build the custom home of your dreams here in Houston, Texas. Local zoning and property laws have forbidden the construction of guest houses entirely in the past. You may need local approval from the zoning board but these are problems that are only solved with a simple solution. Once local laws have been figured out, we will go over your design and potential pricing for excavation and materials. Your custom home can be attached or detached or can serve as a completely fresh custom build. Our custom home creation can give you an extra room for your guests or in-laws. Our custom home can be attached or detached from your home or we can start a completely fresh build for new homeowners. No matter what amenities you want for your home, our team can work to bring any accessories you wish to have for your custom build. We are your full-service builder team that will assist you in designing your perfect small home, drafting the plans, obtaining the permits, and ensuring all zoning laws are in accordance. We understand the value and importance of building your customized home in our local Houston, Texas area.


New Construction

Many of our clients buy empty lots to build their new construction or small home to begin construction from the ground up. As part of the services we offer, we handle everything from site surveys and feasibility reports to excavation, and site preparation in Houston, Texas. Once your lot is zoned and excavated, we will get your construction started and your foundation laid. We handle every aspect of the overall construction which means you only have to deal with one contractor. Our dedication is toward the design, planning, and installation of all the features you want for your new construction in Houston, Texas. We are highly focused on providing high-quality solutions to our clients but also ensure that every job is completed in a cost-effective manner. When you find you need a full-fledged construction company, give us a call or email to get started. If you are looking to add changes and space to your already-built home in Houston, Texas without making any actual changes to the existing home, a new construction can be a great option. This room or suite can be designed to meet your specific requirements and is a detached structure with all the amenities required to make you comfortable to stay. Many homeowners in Houston, Texas use new home construction for family or in-laws. No matter what you need an additional building or space attached or detached for your home, Gulledge Homes can be your trusted professional for small home construction in Houston, Texas. If you need any kind of new construction design, build, floor plans, or custom small home creation, we are the professionals to call. You are assured top-notch service from start to finish. Gulledge Homes here in Houston, Texas has been building custom-built homes for years. Only the highest quality standards and materials are used for all our construction projects.

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